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Let our experts help you the world’s finest classic and contemporary garden rooms. 

Luxury Garden Office Room Design In Newport UK


We only construct residential-grade, luxurious garden apartments at Gorilla Build Ltd.. Only the best standards will do, and we are one of the few UK companies offering garden buildings and rooms that have received TRADA certification (Timber Research and Development Association). As a result, you will become the proud owner of a modern garden room that will last the measure of time and serve as a home away from home all year long. Simply stated, we create the best deluxe garden rooms in the world.

Explore our most well-liked models, which range from traditional styles to custom luxury structures to contemporary garden rooms that perfectly balance elegant design and usefulness.

The Advantages Of A Garden Room

Maybe you dream of having a garden studio where you can work in privacy and inspiration, or a Prosecco bar where your friends will be impressed. We are confident that you will adore your garden structure no matter what you decide to use it for.


A luxury garden room provides a private area that is unconnected to your home, is customised to your tastes, and can be used however you like.

Spending Time With The Family

Whether it’s a family game room, playground, or home theatre, use an outdoor room to create a warm atmosphere where your family can spend more time together.


With a luxurious garden room, pod, outhouse, or log cottage, you can unwind and enjoy a peaceful retreat away from the bustle of home and work life.


An impressive location to hold dinner parties or elegant soirees and mingle with friends and neighbours is a modern garden room.

What Kind of Space Do You Want in Your Garden?

We can assist you if you need a luxurious log cabin-style space for visitors, a cutting-edge garden pod to work from, or a tranquil outdoor room for yoga and leisure.

Garden offices, garden gyms, and bar/theater rooms are some of the most popular uses for Gorilla Build Ltd. garden rooms, though they can be constructed for any purpose. With our bespoke building option, you can create your luxury garden area according to your own ideas and tastes, with designs and functionality that can be used for a variety of different things. Traditional or modern garden room designs are available to ideally complement your outdoor area.

Why Gorilla Built Ltd.?

We manufacture our garden buildings and rooms in the UK.

A Gorilla Build Ltd. luxury garden room is a hand-built wood building that exceeds expectations for quality and craftsmanship both inside and out. It is constructed in England to permanent building standards. Our team of garden room builders and experts is also located in the UK, so assistance is available as soon as you need it.

Focus on Detail and Spare No Costs

Similar to a brick addition, our garden buildings have double glazing, complete insulation, and the ability to be heated. They also include features like security alarms, plumbing, electricity, and multimedia. However, unlike a brick extension, building an outdoor room is comparatively simple and rarely needs planning permission.

Mark of Quality and Unparalleled Knowledge

Gorilla Build Ltd. is without a doubt the industry leader when it comes to building the best garden rooms. The Crown Marque of Excellence guarantees that your luxurious garden room will continue to be the garden’s most admired feature for many years to come and an exquisite place that will wow your visitors.

Get in touch with our professionals right away.

Call Gorilla Build Ltd. and ask for a callback to discuss your ideal garden accommodation. Purchase a garden structure for your residence or place of business after discussing your custom needs with our UK design team.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garden Rooms

A garden chamber is what?

An insulated structure in your garden that is separate from your primary home is referred to as a garden room. It is a luxurious building designed to endure the elements and provide year-round use. It is typically constructed of high-quality natural materials. Get more information on garden apartments.

Will a garden room construction in the UK require planning permission?

In the UK, it is typical to not need planning permission to construct a garden room. However, depending on where you’re planning to build and the neighbourhood you reside in, there may be some exceptions to the rule for all of our standard garden rooms.

Do garden apartments increase worth?

A garden room gives you both interior and outdoor living space, counts towards your property’s total area, and can significantly increase the worth of your house.

What advantages do garden rooms have over those that you construct yourself?

Your garden structure will be compliant and correct thanks to our craftsmen’s TRADA (Timber Research and Development Association) certification. This includes everything from the timber sizing, insulation, and joist spacing to ventilation, fixtures, and fittings. As a result, a 30-year life expectancy residential-grade living area is produced.

Is it possible to slumber in a garden room?

Yes. Many of our customers use their outdoor rooms, which come complete with bathrooms, as visitor bedrooms or granny annexes. Just keep in mind that you must follow building rules if you plan to sleep in your garden room.

Is it possible to put a bathroom or shower in my outdoor room?

Absolutely. For the installation of a toilet and shower, we can provide a quote. This very popular garden room extension eliminates the need for you or your visitors to enter your home in order to use the restroom.

Will my garden area require a base?

Yes. Before we put your garden building in position, you must have a concrete foundation in place. Before we construct your garden room, our team will conduct a site survey to determine whether a concrete foundation or ground screws will be the most appropriate.

How long will the installation of my garden area take?

Depending on the type you choose and the size of the garden room—large, medium, or small—installation time will vary. A typical medium-sized standard garden room (5 m x 3.5 m) takes two to three weeks to construct.

When will my garden area be finished?

To exacting TRADA standards, all of our garden spaces are constructed. We have a reputation in the business for exceeding expectations in every facet of our build quality. A 10-year structural warranty covering structural stability, rot, and decay is included with our garden rooms. Our garden rooms have a 30-year life expectancy, according to our expertise. A one-year manufacturer’s guarantee is included with every one of our accessories, including heaters, doors, door handles, and blinds.

What is the price of a lavish outdoor room?

The price of a luxury garden room at Gorilla Build Ltd. will vary depending on the building’s size and type you choose. To learn more or to talk about a quote, please get in touch with our staff.

Do your rates include installation?

Yes. For all customers in mainland England and Wales, delivery and assembly of our garden rooms and other outdoor structures are included in the price. There is a travel fee for installation at any other places.

Can I get a room that is completely unique to me, like a corner garden suite?

Yes. We give you the choice to collaborate with our sales team and TRADA-certified designers to build a custom garden room that is suited to your unique needs. Since we have been creating bespoke garden pods, studios, lodges, and other outdoor rooms for more than ten years, we have perfected the process. Our bespoke gallery features a number of our built to order garden rooms.

What is the cost of my outdoor room?

Your garden room’s payment is made over the course of the endeavour in installments. In order to start constructing in our workshop, we will need a 20% non-refundable deposit from you. After that, we require three tiered payments: 40% ten weeks before construction begins, 35% five days into the project, and 5% after it is finished and the keys have been exchanged.

What is the location of your outdoor rooms?

We are located here in Newport, UK. You are most welcome to visit our office during our business hours. 

How can I maintain the finest appearance in my garden room?

To maintain your timber garden room looking its best, we advise treating it with a wood preserver every two to three years.

Can you use your garden chambers in the winter?

Yes. All of our garden rooms were created by TRADA-certified artisans using materials with residential-grade insulation and are available for year-round use. For your insulated outdoor area, we also provide a variety of heating choices, such as panel heaters, air conditioners, and underfloor heating. Please be aware that in order to install various heating options, an electrician will be required to run an armoured cable from your fuse box to your garden structure.

Can a luxurious garden apartment be purchased for a home outside of the UK?

Yes. With satisfied clients in Newport, UK, we are able to transfer our opulent outdoor living spaces to any location. Learn more by giving us a call.