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Custom Handmade Gazebos & Pergolas In Newport, Gwent

Let our experts help you build a custom handmade gazebo or pergola here in Newport. 

Gazebo And Pergola Design In Newport UK

By far, our most well-liked creations are our oak outdoor gazebos and pergolas. Our lovely oak-framed structures can be attached directly to the side of your building and have been created to perfectly blend into the surroundings in your yard. They are ideal for serving as a garden bar, outdoor seating space, hot tub enclosure, and many other purposes.

You receive an oak frame, a set of oak rafters, and an oak tile batten with every gazebo you purchase. These give your goods a classic appearance of quality. In addition to giving the gazebo a beautiful finish, our cedar shingles also fully seal off the building from water. Our pergolas are constructed from the same premium oak structure, but without the cedar shingles and tile batten that are not essential to the design of the pergola.

We offer a range of sizes and styles that make wonderful additions to any outdoor space and are produced precisely to your requirements as we design our own patterns and construct your gazebos in our on-site workshop. We have a fantastic collection of photos shot by our previous clients showcasing how beautiful their wooden pergolas and gazebos are.

You have the option of ordering your gazebo or pergola as a DIY kit from us or having one of our professional installation crews come to your property and erect it for you. Our DIY kits for the gazebo and pergola can be assembled with a minimum of two people and include complete installation directions. If any help is required, please call us on our landline.


Craft Sets

We give our clients the option to choose whether they want to have their gazebo and pergolas installed or built themselves. These DIY kits can be picked up from our website or delivered using a pallet delivery service to your address. Along with the DIY kit, we offer a comprehensive guide that walks you through the process of finishing your construction. Please take a look at the installation guide tab on our website, which includes links to our roofing videos and directions.

For the construction of the main structure, at least two people are required; however, one person can roof the oak gazebo. This could be installed by a skilled do-it-yourselfer, but you might also think about hiring a local tradesperson.

Preparing The Project’s Ground

Due to their own weight and the joinery used, our selection of oak gazebos can be set straight onto the ground where they will be secure. The gazebos can be placed on porches, patios, concrete pads, and other areas.

To prolong the life of the oak gazebo, it is crucial to keep the posts as dry as feasible. If you intend to use an established base, you must make sure there isn’t any standing water because the posts will absorb it if there is.

We are able to provide granite staddle stones, which are an excellent support for oak posts and also attractive, if you would prefer to keep your gazebo off the ground. We are always available by phone or email if you need guidance on what is best for your surface.

Pine Tiles

On our oak gazebos, Shire Oak utilises blue label no. 1 certified western red cedar shingles. Heartwood, end grain, and clear characterise these premium tiles. The wood rafters and oak tile batten make a stunning contrast to them. They will turn silver-grey with time.

Enhanced Wood Projects
Up to a maximum span of 4 metres, we can provide oak gazebos with 4 posts; any height greater than this includes an intermediate post. For instance, a 4 m x 4 m oak gazebo has four posts, a 5 m x 5 m oak gazebo has six posts, and a 5 m cubed oak gazebo has eight posts. Please get in touch with us and let us know the size you need if you’re interested in a larger, custom gazebo. We’ll be delighted to talk about your design.